Supreme Butter -4oz. "Face+Body+Hair+Beard"

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"All-Over" Butter Can be Applied Anywhere on the Outside of Your Body "Face, Hair, Body & Beard".

Scent Profile: Neroli, Tobacco Flower, Ylang Ylang, White Oud, Bergamot & Magnolia. 

(4oz) Whipped Butter Blend: African Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Butter, Lanolin, Kokum Butter, BTMS-50, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Apple Seed Oil, H Seed Oil, Fresh Organic Beeswax, Arrowroot Powder, Pro-Vitamin B5. 

 -Butter has less than 3% total Local Organic Beeswax with a Light, Creamy Consistency. Just Barely Thicker than Body-Lotion. Too Fluffy to ship in Summer Heat.

 -notes: This is The PERFECT Butter To Use All-Over Your Face, Hands & Elbows to Prevent Wind-Burns & Chronic Dry-Skin due to the Cold Weather. 

 "I Love the texture of this Butter! I Apply it to my Entire Face, Beard, Neck & Ears Directly after Washing my Face/Beard. Works Best if applied to Damp Skin/Hair."