GhostBuck Liqui-Butter -2oz.

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GhostBuck, an Elusive, Anti-social Giant who doesn't live nor move like the rest of the Buck herd. It takes a special set of Skill, and Tactics to connect with one of these incredible Beasts; do you think you're ready to Stand Out, and Stand Above the rest with The King of Ouds?

•Scent Profile: Dark Oud, Egyptian Cologne & Oakmoss, with Dark Patchouli, Redwood, Cedarwood & Leather 

-Enriched with Shea Nut, Mango Kernal, Coconut, Avocado, Lanolin, Castor Seed, & Wheat Germ Oils.

•Scent Description: *Organic Agarwood Oud Oil (imported from India), Infused with Egyptian Cologne Oil, Earthy Aged Dark Patchouli, with Notes of Redwood, Oak Moss & Texas Cedar, then finished off with Soft Leather.