Old Fashioned shave/beardoil -1oz.

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Two-in-One Beard+Post Shave-Oil -infused with Organic Glycerin (less than 4%) and Pure Witch Hazel Extract (Alcohol-free/Water-free). 

 •Scent: Old-Fashion Aftershave w/Twist of Lime!

 -Apply this Oil directly after Shaving to prevent razor-burn, acne and dry-skin.

 -Apply to All Facial regions beneath your Beard, by Massaging into Skin and working it outwards to the tips of your Beard. Works Best on Damp/Wet-Skin Directly after being washed.

 •Profile: Nutmeg, Key Lime, Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Carnation, Bourbon Geranium, Benzoin Resin, Cedarwood, Vanilla Bean & Musk.

  •Carrier Blend: 25% African Shea Nut Oil, Argan Kernal Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Lanolin Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, MCT Oil, Vitamin-E Oil, Glycerin, Witch Hazel Extract.

 -Glycerin is a humectant. Humectants are moisturizing ingredients that work by drawing water from the atmosphere to hydrate and soften the skin. Studies show that glycerin can penetrate the skin barrier and remain within the skin for continuous hydration for several days.I It’s also been shown to be the most effective humectant ingredient commonly used in skincare formulations. 

 -Witch Hazel is a clear liquid distilled from the dried bark, twigs, and leaves of the Hamamelis Virginiana-- native to the United States and Canada. It is a flowering shrub valued for its various medicinal qualities. Witch Hazel Extract is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols including flavonoids and tannins.