BarnButter: Is Our Version of Beard Butter, made fresh in small batches, from local and imported ingredients. 

Hybrid-Whip: Is Our Custom Cross between a Poured Butter with Beeswax, and a Whipped Butter. By Melting down all the ingredients, then Whipping After consolidation from refrigeration. So basically you're getting a Whipped Buttrer with Beeswax to offer light-hold, plus shelf-life.

Wax-Free: Pretty much Sums it up! This is our 100% Wax-Free Beard Butter for all those Who just enjoy some Good Conditioning with an Awesome Scent.

SimpleMan: Unscented, with BTMS-50 Conditioning Wax and Without any Beeswax. Made for Super Conditioning, Lightweight Feel and without Fragrance for "Anytime Use".