Purple Barn Parfums

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Beard Care, Soaps & Family Hygiene!

"Global Ingredients -infused in the U.S.A."-handmade in Camden, SC


A Breath of Fresh Air!

This is my first scent that involves mint and even though I wasn’t really sure what to expect it was a pleasant surprise. It smells great and feels really nice in beard, i used the butter at night and woke up with a soft beard and would still get hints of the scent. Overall I really enjoy Frosted Oud , i would recommend to try 💯 - 🥶❄️☃️

Oscar G. "SnowBuck"

Amazing oil!

This is my favorite product I've ordered from this company so far. Its a nice thick oil, that will last all day. The scent is a nice watermelon smell, with light smokey after notes. It almost has a cologne-ish smell to it. Amazing product!

Tom D. "Watermelon-N-Smoke"

Winter time in a bottle

I really enjoy this scent. In beard the scent changes through out the day. 1st you get the cool peppermint. Then you get the creamy vanilla and sandalwood. No better way to describe this- wood and ice!

Caleb B. "Barn•Frost"

A great unscented conditioning balm!

This is a repurchase for me. The balm is just perfect for my grey beard and allows me to use my various oils where I have no balm. And it really does contribute to making my beard soft! Thank you, Barn Brand!

Bud G. "Custom BarnBalm"


Everything about this oil is amazing. Makes my beard soft as a feather and tames it down a lot more than some other brands. The smell is so fresh like fresh cut melons. The lady approved too!! Great product that I'll be using daily!!

Aaron W. "Cantaloupe-N-Smoke" (Summer-Edition)

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