Caramel Cashmere Pumpkin oil/butter -combo

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Scent: Caramelized Pumpkin, Cashmere, Brown Sugar, Spiced Chesnuts, Creamy Nutmeg, Clove Bud, Sweet Orange & Cassia, with a hint of Green Apple.

•Beardoil 1oz: Pumpkin Seed Oil, Argan Kernal Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Lanolin Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, MCT Oil, Vitamin-E, Pumpkin Extract.

 -this is the thinnest carrier blend we've ever offered, so if the "thicker" Blends aren't your preference, then we think you'll really enjoy this one!

•Butter Recipe 2oz: African Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Macadamia Nut Butter, Lanolin, Hydrogenated Castor, Pumpkin Seed Oil, H Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Pro-Vitamin B5, Pumpkin Extract. 100% Beeswax-Free

 -notes: we used Organic Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil as our Proprietary Carrier in this Beardoil Blend. It's thinner than Our Normal Blends, but don't worry. We Increased the amount of Lanolin Oil to make up for the "missing" jamaican castor & shea nut oils. 

 -A significant study about pumpkin seed oil and hair loss was published in 2014. ... The results showed those who took supplements experienced 30 percent more hair growth than those who received the placebo. These findings rocketed pumpkin seed oil to the forefront among natural hair growth promoters. Pumpkin seeds have cucurbitacin, which is a unique amino acid that helps in hair growth. These are also rich in vitamin C, which also plays an important role in hair growth. You can apply pumpkin seed oil on the scalp/face/cheeks or consume a handful of pumpkin seeds daily to see results.

 Labeling on this Scent are made from 100% Recycled Cosmetic Grade Paper.